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Vintages new buying program

Suppliers, it is very important to send us your price lists as soon as possible, as you can see, we have to make our offers very soon. See the below guide points:

  • Indicate the quantity available of each vintage.
  • Note that shipment of any wines ordered will not take place until late summer onwards in 2011, so please propose the appropriate vintage and quantity.
  • If your wines have been given good reviews by Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast or any other publications, please let us know about them.

ID Description Quote Due Sample Due Tasting
2013 Oregon - All Varietals 02-Dec-15 04-Feb-16 08-Feb-16
2014 Washington - All Varietals 02-Dec-15 04-Feb-16 08-Feb-16
2015 Classics Collection – European Wines – all areas 02-Dec-15 04-Feb-16 08-Feb-16
2016 British Columbia 16-Dec-15 11-Feb-16 17-Feb-16
2017 Ontario – Wines to Watch Program 16-Dec-15 11-Feb-16 17-Feb-16
2018 European Emerging & Fortified - All Varietals/Blends 23-Dec-15 18-Feb-16 22-Feb-16
2019 New World (High-scoring/High-volume) 23-Dec-15 18-Feb-16 22-Feb-16
2020 New Zealand - region specific 06-Jan-16 25-Feb-16 29-Feb-16
2021 European (high-scoring/high-volume) - Reds only 06-Jan-16 25-Feb-16 29-Feb-16
2022 Austria, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland 13-Jan-16 03-Mar-16 07-Mar-16
2023 Classics Collection –New World Wines – all areas 13-Jan-16 03-Mar-16 07-Mar-16
2024 Bordeaux 20-Jan-16 10-Mar-16 14-Mar-16
2025 Whisky – Single Malts, Irish Whisky, Bourbon 20-Jan-16 10-Mar-16 14-Mar-16
2026 Ontario – White & Sparkling 27-Jan-16 17-Mar-16 21-Mar-16
2027 Classics Collection – European Wines – all areas 27-Jan-16 17-Mar-16 21-Mar-16
2028 Burgundy & Beaujolais 03-Feb-16 24-Mar-16 30-Mar-16
2029 Australia - White 03-Feb-16 24-Mar-16 30-Mar-16
2030 Ontario – Reds & Ice Wines) 10-Feb-16 31-Mar-16 06-Apr-16
2031 Northern Rhone - Red 10-Feb-16 31-Mar-16 06-Apr-16
2032 Loire/Alsace 17-Feb-16 07-Apr-16 11-Apr-16
2033 Classics Collection – New World Wines – all areas 17-Feb-16 07-Apr-16 11-Apr-16
2034 Australia - Red 24-Feb-16 14-Apr-16 18-Apr-16
2035 Classics Collection –European Wines – all areas 24-Feb-16 14-Apr-16 18-Apr-16
2036 Argentina 02-Mar-16 21-Apr-16 25-Apr-16