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The Merchant Vintner Ltd. is a dynamic company, based in Ontario, Canada, founded on the basic principle of searching out good wines that give good value to our customers. We insist on working with wine producers who are passionate about their wines because we have found that we share the same values and ideals.

Good wine. Good value.

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We Have Good Wine!

We have an exceptional portfolio of superb wines and wine producers. Their wines are available in the LCBO’s “Vintages” (Speciality) Department, and more through the LCBO’s “Consignment (Private Order) Program” – which allows us to sell wines directly (not available at LCBO’s retail network) to both restaurants and our private clientele.

What began as a single owner operation in 1991 has now grown to seven staff who cover all aspects of our business dealings.

So, if you are a wine producer seeking for an agent to represent you in Ontario, a restaurant owner who wishes to match our wines with your menu or a private customer looking for enjoyable wines to drink at home in good company — The Merchant Vintner can and will be delighted to help you.

Latest News

The environment. We are finding more and more producers who are practicing Biodynamic and Organic farming methods [Cefalicchio in Puglia and Il Conventino in Tuscany – see Wine Info Sheets]. By using less or no chemicals in their vineyards they encourage much better natural bacterial and wild life development in their vineyards, and do not pollute the water table, rivers and lakes — and all life that lives therein.

The LCBO has also taken a major step in reducing their carbon footprint caused by glass bottles. By requiring wine producers to reduce the weight of their bottles a chain reaction will automatically take place. The PDF below will explain in greater detail what their aims are.

LCBO Light Weight Program
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We continue to visit major wine shows – the most important being VinItaly in Verona every April and Vinexpo in Bordeaux every other year in June. This allows us to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of wine, keep in touch with our suppliers, taste the latest vintages and discover new producers. The Merchant Vintner continues to offer a large variety of wines by picking the best the world has to offer.

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